Solar Energy 2.0. – Renewables made in Germany.

Solar thermal is not a new invention. Conceived in response to the first oil crisis in the early 1970s, it is today considered a mature and reliable technology that is easy to install. However, conventional CSP plants comprising huge banks of mirrors are typically major projects requiring large-scale financing and involving long planning and construction times. The arrival of protarget’s turnkey plants marks a paradigm shift in the industry. Smaller and more flexible, these power plant solutions are ideal for a market offering huge growth rates. As we continue to drive this technology forward, please return to this section regularly to keep up to date with our corporate news and our contributions to industry events.


Protarget AG ist Unternehmen des Jahres 2016

Die Jury des Vereins Rheinisches Schaufenster belohnt die Innovationskraft des Technologie-Unternehmens.[more]


Protarget AG nutzt Wirtschaftstag der Botschafterkonferenz zum regen Austausch

Bundesaußenminister Steinmeier eröffnet die 15. Auflage der Veranstaltung im Auswärtigen Amt.[more]


Protarget AG als Unternehmen des Monats ausgezeichnet

Die namhaft besetzte Jury des Vereins Rheinisches Schaufenster lobt die Innovationskraft des Technologieunternehmens.[more]


protarget-Vorstand zu Gast bei Sitzung der Deutsch-Algerischen Wirtschaftskommission

Initiatoren betonen das große Potenzial der bilateralen Zusammenarbeit beider Länder[more]


Managing-Board of protarget is part of Delegation of Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier

Politician points out the potential of the cooperation with the Maghreb States during the 4-day trip[more]


protarget zu Gast bei AHK Algier

protarget als Teilnehmer der Unternehmerreise nach Algerien [more]


protarget- management at gathering with Chilean president

Chiles Head of State Michelle Bachelet was the guest of honor at the German- Chilean raw material conference in Berlin[more]

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T +49 2234 9491 561
The German CSP Organization concentrates the knowledge of scientists, manufacturers and service suppliers in the field of solar thermal energy.

Visit our pilot plant located at the Energy-Efficiency City in Bad Aibling.

Our technology partner in the field of solar thermal research and qualification

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